2017 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 NGBT meeting scholarship and travel award winners!!

Full scholarship recipients (Full Scholarship Terms)

S. No Name Title Institution City Country
1 Mr Aafaque Ahmad Khan A multi-omic analysis to characterize cigarette smoke induced molecular alterations in esophageal cells Institute of Bioinformatics Bangalore India
2 Mr Ajay Labade Nup93 sub-complex regulates HOXA gene expression Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune Pune India
3 Ms Alka Kumari Marine microbe with potential to adhere and degrade plastic structures CSIR- Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute Bhavnagar India
4 Mr Ankit Jain Integrated multi-omics analysis reveals potential mechanisms of acquired resistance to erlotinib in head and neck cancer cells Institute of Bioinformatics Bangalore India
5 Ms ANU AGGARWAL First report of the mutational and phenotypic spectrum of Hereditary Spherocytosis in Indian patients by targeted resequencing PGIMER, chandigarh Chandigarh India
6 Ms Anusha Sivakumar Inhibition of Drp-1 dependent mitochondrial fission augments alcohol-induced cardiotoxicity via dysregulated Akt signaling. Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai India
7 Ms Aparna Eragam Transcriptome profiling and identification of differentially expressed transcripts in response to mid season drought in groundnut Arachis hypogeae L. Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University tirupati India
8 Ms ARCHANA SINGH Arginylation regulates adipose tissue development and function via modulating PPARγ expression. Tezpur University Tezpur India
9 Mr Ardhendu Bhusan Praharaj Lacto-Vegetarian Diet and Correlation of Fasting Blood Sugar with Lipids in Population Practicing Sedentary Lifestyle Regional Medical Research Center Bhubaneswar India
10 Mr Arnav Bhattacharya Mutational landscape of cytokine genes across major tumour types identifies new targets. SRM University Chennai India
11 Mr Atul Chander A genomic analysis of Mycobacterium immunogenum strain CD11_6; a new potential vaccine strain against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Panjab University, Chandigarh, India Chandigarh India
12 Mr Brijesh Kumar singh Ube3a deficiency inhibits amyloid plaque formation in APPswe/PS1δE9 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease National Brain Research Centre Gurgaon India
13 Ms CHITRA G Efficiency of ubiquitous chromatin opening elements in driving the expression of human CD18 within self-inactivating lentiviral vectors for gene therapy applications VIT university Tamil Nadu India
14 Ms Debashree Tagore A genomic insight into the origin and dispersal of Austroasiatic speakers in South and Southeast Asia National Institute of Biomedical Genomics Kalyani India
15 Ms Disha Sharma A genome-wide map of circular RNAs in adult zebrafish. CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrated Biology New Delhi India
16 Mr Eslavath Suresh Naik gene expression and sequence analysis of known yield genes in high yielding varieties of rice Acharya N.G Ranga Agricultural University Tirupati India
17 Ms Gargi Nanda Genetic and functional involvement of ZEB1 and FEN1 genes in FECD pathogenesis National Institute of Science Education and Research Khurda India
18 Ms Gargi Thakur Involvement of mitochondrial intrinsic pathway in rhSP-D (recombinant human Surfactant Protein D) induced apoptosis of Prostate cancer cells National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR) Mumbai India
19 Dr Hrishikesh Pandit SP-D impedes transfer of HIV-1 from multi-layered vaginal epithelium with a distinct gene signature National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR) Mumbai India
20 Ms Jaishree pandian Identification of the bimodal transcriptional regulation of SP1 transcription factor in sub-sets of gastric cancer Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai Madurai India
21 Mr Jhasketan Badhai Genetic characterization of the virulence properties and pathogenicity of Bordetella bronchiseptica strain HT200 isolated from a warm spring Institute of Life Sciences Bhubaneswar India
22 Mr JIBIN JOHN Association of common and rare genetic variants with cognition in schizophrenia University of Delhi South Campus New Delhi India
23 Ms K K Sivakala Metagenomic analysis reveals microbial heterogeneity and specific metabolic adaptation in desert environment Madurai Kamaraj University Tamil Nadu India
24 Ms Manu Jamwal Next-generation sequencing-based molecular diagnosis of chronic non-spherocytic hemolysis in erythrocytic enzymopathies Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh Chandigarh India
25 Mr Mohd Younis Bhat Delineating miRNA profile induced by chewing tobacco in oral keratinocytes Institute of Bioinformatics Bangalore India
26 Mr Nambram Somendro Singh Assessment of antibiotic resistance genes and integrons in commensal Escherichia coli from the Indian urban waste water: Implications and significance for public health Department of Microbiology, University of Delhi South Campus New Delhi India
27 Ms Neetu rani A homozygous KLF1 gene mutation presenting as mild Thalassemia Intermedia unraveled by targetted Next Generation Sequencing Panjab University, Chandigarh, India Chandigarh India
28 Ms NIPA BASAK Epigenetic signatures of high altitude adaptation in Tibetan population CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology Hyderabad India
29 Dr Pooja Dhiman Serum activin B levels as predictive biomarker for ectopic pregnancy JIPMER puducherry India
30 Ms Pooja Sagvekar Targeted Genome-wide DNA Methylation Profiling of Ovarian Granulosa Cells from Women with PCOS National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR) Mumbai India
31 Ms Pratyusha Bala Exome sequencing reveals novel oncogenic mutations in early-onset sporadic rectal cancer Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) HYDERABAD India
32 Ms Priti Yewale Molecular typing of Antibiotic resistant bacteria isolated and identified as ESBL producers from polluted water reservoirs Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute Pune India
34 Ms Ramya Barani CMV genotyping using different samples in post renal transplant recipients with CMV Disease. Sri Ramachandra medical college and Research Institute Porur India
35 Mr Ravindra Donde Introgression of drought tolerance into popular rice varieties from chromosome segments substitution lines (CSSLs) derived from wild ancestors using RICE-SNP chips National Rice Research Institute Cuttack India
36 Dr Ruksana Raihan HBV genome analysis in the progression of HBV related chronic liver disease. University of Malaya Kualalumpur Malaysia
37 Ms Sharvari Deshpande Differential effects of genetic - and diet - induced obesity on fertility; spermatogenesis and sperm epigenome in adult male rats National Institute for Research in Reproductive health Mumbai India
38 Mr Shubham Kumar Systems-level organization of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease progression network International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad Hyderabad India
39 Ms Sneha Rai Drug targets and Lipid Biomarkers of Hyperlipidemia Associated Diseases NETAJI SUBHAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY New Delhi India
40 Mr Surendra Singh Patel Gene expression program of regeneration in Eisenia fetida: a transcriptomics study Institute of Genomics and Integrative biology, CSIR-IGIB Mathura Road Campus NEW DELHI India
41 Dr Sushama Rokade Inhibition of cornifins and up-regulation of protease inhibitors in cervicovaginal lavage imparts resistance to heterosexual HIV transmission National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (ICMR) Mumbai India
42 Ms SWATI AGARWALA Damaging stop gain/loss and frameshift mutations in autism subjects outline impairment in neuronal migration and adhesion pathways University of Mysore MYSURU India
43 Ms Tanwee Das Da Resolving the conflict of mating versus blood feeding: exploring role of quick-to-court gene in the mosquito Anopheles culicifacies NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MALARIA RESEARCH New Delhi India
44 Mr Varun Sharma MACF1 Gene Variant rs2296172 is Associated with Type 2 Diabetes Susceptibility in the Bania Population Group of Punjab - India. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi university Katra India

Partial Scholarship recipients (Partial Scholarship Terms)

S. No Name Title Institution City Country
1 Ms Aastha Chhabra Hydrogen Sulfide Modulates Basal Metabolic Circuitry ̶ A Transcriptome Sequencing Assisted Insight DEFENCE INSTITUTE OF PHYSIOLOGY AND ALLIED SCIENCES (DIPAS), DRDO NEW DELHI India
2 Ms Abhi Shah Microbial diversity assessment within continuous subsurface sediment core of estuarine region of Mahi river basin; western India The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Vadodara India
3 Mr Abhinav Jain Incidental and clinically actionable genetic variants in 1005 whole exomes and genomes from Qatar CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrated Biology New delhi India
4 Mr Abhishek Das Classification of enhancer promoter interaction pairs based on expression patterns and distances involved in disease manifestation in human CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology Kolkata India
5 Ms Abiramavalli M Genome wide identification and expression analysis of sucrose transporter gene family in Nicotiana tabacum. SRM University chennai India
6 Mr ADIL LATEEF De novo assembly and analysis of Solanum trilobatum L. leaf transcriptome Using Next Generation Sequencing Technology SRM University Kancheepuram India
7 Ms ALKA SINGH HOXA9 and SOX1 – a promising DNA methylation based diagnostic biomarker for epithelial ovarian cancer MOTILAL NEHRU NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ALLAHABAD India
8 Ms ANIMA MOHANTY Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus associated with Skin and Soft Tissue Infection (SSTI) among septic patients from Bhubaneswar. Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR) BHUBANESWAR India
9 Ms Anjum afshan Genotoxicity testing of commonly used Phthalate as plasticizer (di-n-phthalate) in Crusian carp (Carassius carassius L.) UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR SRINAGAR India
10 Mr Anubhab Khan Genome –wide variation and demographic history of small cats with a focus on Felis species National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR Bangalore India
11 Mr Anuj Kumar Borah Plant extract AE11 acts as a potent modulator of adipocyte development and function Tezpur University Sonitpur India
12 Ms Arya K r Identification of genes responsible for anti-VEGF resistance in tumor cells University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram India
13 Mr Ashish Dubey To study role of clinical variables and VKORC1 polymorphism in determination of stability of INR in neurological patients on acenocoumarol SANJAY GANDHI POST GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES Lucknow India
14 Mr Ashok kumar Murugesan De novo transcriptome analysis of pneumatophores (modified roots) in the true mangrove species Avicennia marina and identification of the genes related to root gas exchange SRM University Chennai India
15 Ms Ashwini Jayachandran Detection of glucose level using a novel biodegradable sensor substrate University of Kerala Trivandrum India
16 Mr Aswath Balakrishnan Inflammation induced insulin resistance is associated with DNA methylation changes in vascular endothelial cells Manipal University Manipal India
17 Ms Aswathy T r DNA barcoding of endangered medicinal plant Cayratia pedata University of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram India
19 Ms Barsa Baisalini Panda Host selection; multiple blood feeding behaviour and plasmodium parasite infection of Anopheles vector in Kalahandi district; Odisha; India. Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR) BHUBANESWAR India
20 Mr Bhabesh Borphukan Decoding the role of OsSPL2 transcription factor: its importance in vegetative to reproductive phase transition and maturity in rice ICGEB, New Delhi New Delhi India
21 Ms BHAGYALAXMI BISWAL Detection of bacterial and viral pathogens in hospitalized children with acute respiratory illness and determination of different socio demographic factors as important cause of the disease in Odisha; India; 2014-2015. Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR) Khurda India
22 Mr Bharat Singh Osteoporosis Gene Interactome: A comprehensive in silico analysis Delhi technological university Delhi India
23 Mr BHUKKYA JEEVULA NAIK Marker Assisted Introgression of drought tolerance QTLs into popular high yielding varieties of rice Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University Tirupati, Chittor district India
24 Mr Bhuwan Bhaskar Effect of rice beer on gut bacteria Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology Guwahati India
25 Mr Biswajit Padhy Pseudoexfoliation and Alzheimer’s associated CLU risk variant; rs2279590 lies within an enhancer element and regulates CLU; EPHX2 and PTK2B gene expression. National Institute of Science Education and Research Khurda India
26 Ms BOMMISETTY REDDYYAMINI Towards enhancement of yield by molecular stacking of yield contributing genes in rice (Oryza sativa L.) S. V. AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE TIRUPATI India
27 Mr Danish Eqbal Impact of deletion of a catabolite repressor Mig1 on hyphal morphology and cellulase expression in Penicillium funiculosum NCIM1228 nternational Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology New Delhi India
28 Dr Deepak Singla Whole genome analysis (WGA) of five pea aphids biotypes for the identification and classification of SNPs NIMR Delhi India
29 Mr Deepak Verma Genetic effect of monoamine oxidase B (MAOB) gene on ASD associated behavior phenotypes Manovikas Kendra Kolkata India
30 Mr Desaraju Suresh Bhargav Exome Sequencing for cerebral palsies: Opening windows for differential diagnosis All India Institute of Speech & Hearing Mysuru India
31 Mr Deshan Perera In silico analysis; molecular cloning and characterization of putative Cystatin C from rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus) University of Sri Jayewardenepura Colombo Sri Lanka
32 Mr Dhanasekaran Rathinam Delineation of HIF1a mediated transcription program and the oncogenic signaling pathways in gastric tumors Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai India
33 Mr Divyeshkumar Patel CGGBP1-CTCF dynamics in regulation of chromosomal interactions IIT Gandhinagar Gandhinagar India
34 Ms Esha Bandyopadhyay Ancient genomics in India: Clarifying the maternal origins of 160-year-old human remains SRM University Chennai India
35 Mr Ganesh Panzade Visualization of plant Regulomics Network in Graph using Neo4j. CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology Palampur India
36 Ms Gayatri Gouda In silico identification and characterization of differential expressed genes (DEGs) associated with grain and panicle number in rice ICAR-National Rice research Institute Cuttack India
37 Mr Gopalakrishna Murty “Potential Applications of Next Generation Sequencing Technology in Crop Improvement” osmania university hyderabad India
38 Dr Gunjan Sirohi High-throughput sequencing of small RNAs and analysis of differentially expressed microRNAs associated with Brassinosteroid signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana GGSIPU Delhi India
39 Dr Harsha Lad Development and validation of mitochondrial DNA based approach for rapid identification of environmental chemical exposed victims National Institute for Research in Environmental Health Bhopal India
40 Ms Harshida Gadhavi Comparative Genome analysis of Plasmodium sp. and identification of unique signature with Next Generation Sequencing Technology Gujarat University Ahmedabad India
41 Ms Indu Sharma Y chromosome haplogroup distribution in different ethnic groups of Jammu and Kashmir; India. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi university katra India
42 Ms Ipsita Mohanty Effect of Wolbachia on Dengue infection in Endemic districts of Odisha. Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR) Bhubaneswar India
43 Ms Jasbir Kour Ameliorating potential of Equisetum arvense against the Cyclophosphamide induced genotoxic damage in mice. UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR SRINAGAR India
44 Mr KARTHIKEYAN SELVARASU Functional Genomic investigation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma (PPARG) mediated transcription response in gastric cancer Madurai Kamaraj University MADURAI India
45 Ms Kikku Kunui Deciphering the advanced methodology to investigate the survival of A. sphaerica in iron enriched region of Chhattisgarh Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalay BILASPUR India
46 Mr kiran khandagale RNAi mediated down regulation of BADH2 gene for expression of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline in non-scented indica rice IR-64 (Oryza sativa L.) Savitribai Phule Pune University pune India
47 Mr Kishor Pant Modulation of the Sirt-1/P53 Axis by butyrate inhibits the Hepatitis B Virus Replication South Asian University New Delhi India
48 Ms Krishna Patel Comprehensive analysis of long non-coding RNAs in early stage breast cancer Institute of Bioinformatics Bangalore India
49 Ms Krutika Patil Altered Expression of Angiogenic Factors in Follicular Fluid of Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) National Institute for research in reprodcutive and health Mumbai India
50 Ms Kshitija Rane yadav Gene-Specific-Candidate-Driven Study to decipher Genetic Predisposition to Rotavirus Infection MGM Institute of Health Sciences Kamothe India
51 Dr Laila Banu Beta-Myosin Heavy Chain (β-MHC) and Myosin Binding Protein C (MyBP-C) genes mutation in Bangladeshi hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Patients: a genotype-phenotype correlation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Dhaka Bangladesh
52 Ms Manaswini Jagadeb High throughput virtual screening to identify a novel inhibitor against Pyrazinamide resistant tuberculosis KIIT university BBSR India
53 Mr MANOJ KUMAR GUPTA The impact of natural selection on gene associated with panicle number formation in Oryza sativa Yogi Vemana University KADAPA India
54 Mr Manthan Patel GENOME-WIDE CpG AND NON-CpG METHYLATION REGULATION BY CGGBP1 IIT Gandhinagar Gandhinagar India
55 Ms Mayuri Mukherjee How cyanobacterial signalling system behaves in different media component with time? – a Genomics and Transcriptomics approach CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology Kolkata India
56 Mr Mohd Imran Khan Ectopic Expression of Leishmanial DNA Polymerase β in Escherichia coli Confers Survival Advantage against Ultraviolet Radiation NIPER-HAJIPUR Hajipur India
57 Mr Mukesh Kher Evaluation of a topical herbal drug for its in-vivo immunological effect on cytokines production and antibacterial activity in bovine subclinical mastitis Saurashtra University Rajkot India
58 Mr NASEER UE DIN SHAH Mutational profiling of KRAS and its association with non-small cell lung carcinoma in Indian Kashmiri population UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR SRINAGAR India
59 Ms NISHA SINGH Homology modelling and docking studies on Neuraminidase enzyme as a natural product target for combating influenza. Birla institute of technology Ranchi India
60 Ms NISHA TRIPATHI Comparative Study of Transcriptomic profiling and Functional enrichment in Ovarian Cancer Cell lines Department of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, University of Kerala Trivandrum India
61 Ms Nitika Pradhan Induction of apoptosis by Fe(salen)Cl through caspase-dependent pathway specifically in tumor cells SCHOOL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, KIIT UNIVERSITY Bhubaneswar India
62 Ms pallavi mohanty Targeted Molecular Dynamics to determine Focal Adhesion Targeting Domain Folding Intermediates. NETAJI SUBHAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY new delhi India
63 Ms Paramjit Kaur DisFace: A Database of Human Facial Disorders Panjab University, Chandigarh, India Chandigarh India
64 Mr Pijush Das sigFeature: an R-package for significant feature selection using SVM-RFE & t-statistic. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology kolkata India
65 Dr Polpass Arul jose Insights into richness of PKS and NRPS gene clusters and genome guided bioprospection for bioactive natural products CSIR-Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute Bhavnagar India
66 Ms Pooja Thapa Transcriptome profiling of floral development in Dendrocalamus hamiltonii uncovers floral transition mechanism in bamboos CSIR-IHBT palampur India
67 Ms Prachi Bhole Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation studies of DHFR inhibitors in Plasmodium falciparum. Dr.D.Y.Patil Biotechnology & Bionformatics Institute PUNE India
68 Ms Prachi Singh An Insight Into The Microbial Community Structure Of White Rann Of Kachchh: A Study Towards Functional Aspects And Taxonomic Profiling Sardar Patel University Anand India
69 Mr PRAGYA PRAKASH Counter the Presence of Endotoxin- Reviewing Molecular and Downstream Approach Birla institute of technology Ranchi India
70 Ms Prajakta Hatekar Genotypic characterization of multi-drug resistant coliform bacteria: Insights into their mechanisms of antibiotic resistance using Whole Genome Sequencing Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute Tathawade, Pune India
71 Mr Pramod Shinde Codon based co-occurrence network motifs in human mitochondria Indian Institute of technology Indore Indore India
72 Mr Prashanth Chiliveri Assessment of Health problems and Genetic Damage in Residents of Uppal Industrial Area Bhagwan Mahavir Medical Research Centre Hyderabad India
73 Ms PRASIDHEE V Sequencing; De novo Assembly; Functional Annotation and Analysis of Cardiospermum halicacabum L. Leaf Transcriptome Using the Illumina Platform SRM University KANCHEEPURAM India
74 Ms Radhika Khanna Is ecological source important in phylogenomics analysis :a pilot study involving 17 Drosophila species using multilocus approach. Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Noida India
75 Ms Rani J R Screening of phytochemicals from selected plants with antifungal properties against RXLR effector protein Avr3a11 in Phytophthora capsici University of Kerala Trivandrum India
76 Ms RAZIA RAHMAN An integrated genomic analysis on miRNAs and SNPs associated with vitiligo to reveal potential drug candidates Delhi technological university NEW DELHI India
77 Ms reshma patil Comparative transcriptome analysis of flowers of polyamodioecious Kokum; Garcinia indica Shivaji University Kolhapur India
78 Ms Rinku Pramanick Diversity of cultivable vaginal microbiota in asymptomatic women of reproductive age in Mumbai; India National Institute for Research in Reprodcutive health Mumbai India
79 Mr Rohit Singh Yadav Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamic studies of Phytocompounds with HIF-1α; HIF-2α; and SREBP1c to Explore its Inhibitory Effect on Metabolic disorders and in Cancer Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute Pune India
80 Ms RUCHI SRIVASTAVA De novo assembly; functional annotation and comparative alignment of whole genome of a halo-tolerant Exiguobacterium profundum PHM11 with related genomes ICAR-National Bureau of Agriculurally Important Microorganisms Mau India
81 Mr Samrat Ghosh A comparative genomics approach to find out the probiotic effects of Lactobacillus casei Lbs2 isolated from healthy gut of Indian population. CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology Kolkata India
82 Dr sandeep singh Glial activation in nitrous oxide toxicity is related to oxidative stress and glutamate excitotoxicity SANJAY GANDHI POST GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES lucknow India
83 Mr Sangram Keshari Sahu A transcriptomic study on cold stress in two Indian rice varieties using RNA-Seq analysis. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali India
84 Mr Santosh Kumar Yadav Response of Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh genes under elevated CO2 through Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Forest Research Institute DEHRADUN India
85 Mr SUBHAMOY DATTA Finding commonality between the pattern of histone modifications across normal and cancer cell types dictated by DNA sequence features IIT Gandhinagar Gandhinagar India
86 Mr Sudheesh K prabhudas De novo assembly of transcriptome and draft chloroplast genome from RNAseq data of Bacopa monnieri L. (Bramhi) SRM University Chennai India
87 Ms SUGANYA KANDEEBAN Highthrouput genetic analysis in a cohort of patients with ocular developmental anomalies Sankara Nethralaya Eye Institute Chennai India
88 Ms Sunitha P Identification of differentially expressed snoRNAs in Ovarian Cancer from RNA-Seq data University of Kerala Trivandrum India
89 Ms swarajyalakshmi naidu ALLELE MINING AND ALLELIC DIVERSITY OF GENES GOVERNING GRAIN SIZE RELATED TRAITS IN RICE (Oryza sativa L.) Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University kondepi mandal India
90 Ms TRUPTI REKHA PANDA Insights into the mode of recognition of DIII of dengue E protein with GRP78: A molecular dynamics approach B.J.B AUTONOMOUS COLLEGE BHUBANESWAR India
91 Mr Uddhav Timilsina Development of potent HIV-1 maturation inhibitors: Bevirimat analogs South Asian University New Delhi India
92 Ms Vasudha Sharma Determination of data analysis pipeline for detection of Thap-9 binding sites in human genome IIT Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar, India Gandhinagar India
93 Dr Vasvi Chaudhry Genomic Resource and Genome Guided Comparison of Twenty Type Strains of the Genus Methylobacterium CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology Chandigarh India
95 Mr Vikrant Palande Diagnosis of glioma tumors using circulating cell-free DNA Bar Ilan University Safed Israel
96 Ms Vineeta Verma Comparative genomics of Westiellopsis prolifica a freshwater cyanobacteria uncovers the prolific and distinctive metabolic potentials. CSIR-IICB Kolkata India
97 Dr Vishweshwar kumar Ganji Mutation of VP2 capsid protein of Foot-and-mouth disease virus and its expression in the insect cell system for increased thermostability ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute BENGALURU India